Cocoa Bean Mulch: Pros & Cons

Cocoa bean mulch, also called cocoa mulch or cocoa shell mulch, is a great option for most gardeners, with one big exception: dog owners.

Before we discuss all of its great qualities, let's start with the downsides...

  • First, the biggie: Cocoa mulch may be harmful or deadly if ingested by dogs in sufficient quantities. While the ASPCA claims they have not received any death claims from dogs' ingestion of cocoa shell mulch, take caution with it if you have a dog or if dogs roam into your yard often. Either don't use it or put up a dog-proof fence around the areas where it has been applied.
  • It's more expensive than other types of mulch, many of which are completely free.
  • It may mold a bit at first, but it's nothing to worry about and the mold should go away relatively quickly
  • May be slippery to walk on (careful when using on walkways)

Now for the good stuff...

cocoa bean mulch
  • Does a great job at holding in moisture and insulating ground
  • Very nutritious for your soil
  • Lets off nice scent for a few weeks after it is laid down
  • Sharper edges are a deterrent for paw-footed pests
  • Its dark brown color is attractive
  • Compared most other types of organic mulch, much less cocoa shell mulch is required (one inch (2.5 cm) compared to 2 to 6 inches (5 to 15 cm))
  • Will not need to apply as much in future years since some will remain from previous applications

Long story short, as long as your or your neighbors' dogs won't get into it, cocoa mulch is a wonderful addition for your garden.

Click here to purchase cocoa bean mulch for your garden.

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