Raised Bed Garden Kits: 4 of the Best Selling

Raised bed garden kits take the headache out getting your raised beds set up. They also provide multiple options for those of us who are carpentry-challenged.

This page reviews four great options, one of which should fit your needs...

Curved (Circular) Raised Bed Garden Kits

Materials Used: 40% wood fibers, 60% recycled polyethylene

Tools Required: Screwdriver/drill, mallet

Dimensions: 10.5 ft (3.2 m) in diameter X 11 in. (28 cm) high

raised bed garden kitsThe Curved Raised Bed Garden Kit is an aesthetically pleasing option that works well for companion planting... taller plants go in the middle and are surrounded by progressively shorter plants so all get the sun they need while positively influencing the growth of and pest control for their companions.

It also looks great around a tree (assuming the tree won't shade out your plants or you're growing plants that are shade-tolerant).

The only slight downside is that it takes a bit of work to finagle the bed into a perfect circle.

Click here to order the Curved Raised Bed Garden Kit.

Gronomics Cedar Raised Bed Garden Kits

raised bed garden kitsThe attractively simple four-post design, water-resistent wood and simple assembly (no tools required) of Gronomics Raised Bed Garden Kits make this one tough to beat.

It also comes in several sizes ranging from 34 inches (86 cm) to 95 inches (2.4 m) long and even includes a trellised option for your climbing plants.

Click one of the dimensions listed above to order the Gronomics Cedar Raised Bed Kit.

Gronomics Elevated Cedar Garden Bed Gronomics

raised bed garden kitsThis raised bed garden kit is just like the previous one except it's elevated off of the ground... perfect for garden lovers suffering with back pain.

It's also a good option for deck or patio gardeners who are tired of working with multiple smaller containers or pots.

Click one of the dimensions listed above to order the Gronomics Elevated Cedar Garden Bed.

Dura-Trel Two- & Three-Board Raised Bed Garden Kits

Materials Used: 100% PVC vinyl

Tools Required: Screwdriver/drill

Dimension Options ("boards" refers to how many side wall boards are used - the shorter walls have two boards; the higher walls have three boards):

raised bed garden kitsThe primary difference between the Dura-Trel three- and two-board options and the Cedar options above is the material used. PVC vinyl is guaranteed by the company to be never rot, crack, peel, fade, rust or discolor and is backed by a 20-year warranty.

According to the manufacturer, the material "is not porous, will not allow water in and will not leech into the soil". The downside is that the material is plastic which (in terms of its production) is not as sustainable as wood, stone or brick.

The posts are longer than the boards are high and are intended to be buried beneath the soil, so the raised bed garden kit will remain firmly in the ground after setup.

Click one of the dimensions listed above to order the Dura-Trel Raised Garden Bed Kit.

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