Tumbler Composter:
How It Works & Our Favorite One

The main differences between a common tumbler composter and a regular compost barrel or bin are the size, how the ingredients are mixed and how quickly they can produce compost.

Below we'll explain how a tumbler works and present our top compost tumbler pick (available in 33 gal/125 L compact compost tumbler and larger 70 gal/265 L sizes), which blows away all other kitchen waste composters - regular bins and tumblers alike.

How A Tumbler Composter Works

As with a regular non-rotating composting barrel, a tumbler requires the right proportion of green and brown ingredients, soil or compost to introduce organisms for decomposition and the proper additions of air and water.

But the tumbler makes the process MUCH simpler. Rather than constantly having to turn the pile with a shovel or fork for proper aeration and mixing, all you have to do is rotate the container... a huge time and energy saver.

But all tumblers are not created equal...

Our Favorite Tumbler Composter

Before stumbling upon our new favorite, we weren't big fans of compost tumblers. Most are too small for our needs and don't heat up the ingredients enough for faster mature compost.

tumbler composter

After discovering the Joraform composters, the tumbler has become our new favorite composting tool for several reasons...

  • Has two compartments which allow one side to cook while the other is being filled
  • Two "doors" (one for each compartment) allow unfinished and mature compost to be accessed quickly and easily
  • Thoroughly insulated, which effectively allows us to create "hot" piles. This means faster composting (under two months), year-round composting and a more liberal ingredient list including meat and fish (the temperature gets high enough to kill harmful organisms).
  • Built-in stands allow simple rotation for quick mixing/aeration
  • Side ventilators allow air in
  • Latching lids keep all animals out
  • Comes in two sizes: 33 gallon (125 L) (can be used as a back porch compost tumbler) and a larger 70 gallon (265 L) size

In short, there's nothing we would change about this composter.

Click here to purchase the smaller 33 gallon (125 L) Joraform composter (perfect for a small family of four or less).

Click here to purchase the larger 70 gallon (265 L) Joraform composter.

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